[We are currently not accepting new clients because we are busy launching our own startup! We may be able to squeeze in very short design/architecture reviews, if that is helpful. Please inquire at hello@littlebarnindustries.com. Thank you!]

Bringing a great product into the world requires more than just technical execution. We can help.


Truly innovative and successful products are built with an awareness of the needs, desires, and motivations of customers. Our non-traditional approach to engineering has always been about letting the problem drive the technology, not the other way around. Through empathy and prototyping, we uncover customer insights to build novel, more desirable, and cost-effective solutions.


Our combined 25+ years of industry experience uniquely qualifies us to develop both commercial hardware and software products. Our specialties include full-stack web and iOS/OS X native software, IoT, embedded systems, and test-driven development. Our in-house machining and electronics capabilities allow us to fabricate custom prototypes in almost any medium to test ideas with customers.


Without the appropriate resources and experience, navigating the path to deliver a product to market can be challenging. We guide companies through each step of the development process and reduce business risk by helping them adopt industry best practices. We also advise on the effective use of project management tools, hiring contractors, and building great engineering teams.